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Patient Monitoring Equipment & Cables

Reduce Medical Facility Costs with Patient Monitoring Equipment Repair Services
For medical equipment sales and repair services regularly exceeding client expectations and saving medical facilities money, choose none other than Green Medical Corp.

Our qualified patient monitoring equipment repair technicians, customer service staff and sales representatives are passionate about their jobs and dedicated to their clients.

Patient Monitoring Equipment and Cables Repaired by GMED:

  • Vital Sign Monitors and Cables
  • Heart Monitors and Cables
  • EKG Machines and Cables
  • ECG Monitors and Cables
  • Fetal Monitors and Cables
  • Capnography Monitors and Cables
  • Telementy Monitors and Cables
  • Anesthesia Monitors
  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NBP) Monitors and Cables
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • And Other Patient Monitoring Equipment and Cables

Medical Facility Equipment Needs Evaluation
We evaluate the operating room and patient costs of the healthcare facility, your budget, and your surgical equipment needs to understand the unique demands of your facility and create an effective solution to meet those needs.

Green Medical will take care of everything-- from sending you the shipping labels for the equipment you would like repaired to lending your facility replacement equipment to keep your operating room running as normal.

You will be given a quote within 24 hours of GMED receiving your medical equipment for repair. Choosing Green Medical for your patient monitoring equipment and cable repair needs means receiving superior services, rapid turnaround with exceptional results, and costs within your budget.