Medical Equipment Repair Services

Equipped with all of the necessary machines and equipment required for sharpening, our mobile surgical instrument repair center makes restoring your equipment convenient and cost-effective.​

Instead of bringing your equipment into the parking lot like other medical equipment repair companies, our mobile repair cart is designed to easily maneuver the halls of your facility. The inventive design fits inside standard hospital elevators, bringing the repair center to the location of the damaged or dull equipment.

We have eliminated the need to lug instruments and medical devices through the building and parking lot. Patients and workers won’t see the equipment being serviced while keeping hallways free and unobstructed.

Green Medical’s mobile repair cart is a truly “green” solution. Aside from saving you thousands of dollars which accompany a traditional repair truck, our mobile repair center can stay at your hospital or surgical center for a small fee.

Our 4 Step Repair Process

Green Medical’s Repair Management Program is structured to provide you with an increased level of accountability and to produce savings of time and cost. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and all repairs are done to meet rigorous quality standards.


Your equipment is evaluated by a skilled technician. A detailed estimate is created, outlining all repairs that are needed to bring the equipment back to OEM specifications.


Repairs are made to meet OEM standards.


Quality Control technician evaluates the device to ensure it conforms to OEM specifications.


A Service Summary is included with each return. Items are normally shipped via FedEx Standard Overnight to further reduce down-time on critical equipment.

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